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After a long discussion about how we might present Sacrededge in a COVID safe manner, we concluded, very reluctantly and deeply sadly, that the continuing pressures of COVID are such that it’s impossible to proceed. COVID restrictions would eliminate the festival ethos of Sacrededge. They have ruled out interstate guests and at the time of writing, presenters and guests from Melbourne. COVID has already disrupted our preparations, and to proceed now with the real prospect of a further lockdown is too big an risk.
We are deeply saddened that this is the case, but know that we’re not in a position to present Sacrededge with the integrity, the conversations and the meetings that are its hallmark.  Our commitment to Sacrededge isn’t diminished by postponing it; It is a mark of our commitment to the ethos, the style, and the deep sharing of stories that we so much admire in it, but that would be so compromised in the current COVID circumstances.
Understandably, none of us are ready yet to commit to a date for Sacrededge 2022 – that’s something we hope to come to in a few months.
-Martin Kent (edited) Church Council Chair.

We will leave the profiles of artists, musicians and presenters up in the hope that our presenters will be available when we reschedule some time next year.

In the meantime, here are a couple of links to past and future Sacrededge presenters to give you a Mini sacrededge experience.

Sacrededge is our response to a sometimes harsh and fearful world. It is an opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Rather than debate and argue about issues Q&A style, this unique festival listens to people from the edge… their stories, music, poetry.

Our presenters, artists & performers come from a range of backgrounds – Indigenous, Refugee, LGBTIQ folk, Carers for the Earth and Ocean. They are the voices from the edge who are vulnerable and not normally heard.

With a bunch of people from different spiritual traditions and none, people who love stories, justice, ideas, music and the arts, community is created.

Sacrededge is a lived experience of how we can treasure each other in all our glorious diversity and find our hearts and minds expanded and enriched.

Here’s what to expect:

Artists, Musicians, Presenters


Children and All-Age Opportunities

Food and Feast


Partners and Supporters

Previous Festivals

Park Labyrinth

Art Exhibition

What People Say about Sacrededge...

Thank you for all your magnificent work for Sacred Edge. Your vision and commitment are truly profound. We are all the richer for being part of the weekend. I learnt so much, and feel quite restored. I know many people contribute to the success of such events, we are indeed blessed. Thanks again, it truly was a celebration.  Maryann Brown

Just wanting to say I had a wonderful and life changing weekend with you all . It far exceeded my expectations amazing speakers and a loving and warm atmosphere. I can assure you I will be back next year.  Janette James
Brilliant weekend.  So many highlights the tremendous speakers, fantastic music (especially watching the Wilsons with Sam and Maeve) great venue, such a welcoming group of people, the homemade  chocolate hedgehog, great place to stay. Jon Graham and Belinda Jack
For all the talk of diversity, inclusion and welcome, rarely have I experienced the unique mix that this festival, in its fifth year, offers…There’s a little bit of magic happening down by the water…xxx…  Daniel Witthaus
Thank you Sacred Edgers for another inspiring weekend to challenge our preconceptions, widen our horizons and deepen our faith (and of course for the planning and hard work) and to all those who made themselves vulnerable to our insensitivity and misunderstanding we are deeply grateful.  Don Bartlett