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A Vibrant Community with a Spiritual Heart

Our community embodies the key values of hospitality, welcome and connection. Through the shared Food, Arts, Spiritual Practices, and Community engagement, we strengthen connections with one another and across various cultures and backgrounds. We share a particular concern for those on the edges of our society.

Core Values

  • Deepening a Gospel Spirituality.
  • Deepening our sense of community with each other and beyond.
  • Living a different ethic around kindness, hospitality, generosity, inclusivity in a harsh world.
  • Exploring environmental sustainability as an expression of responsibility to creation & future generations and as an example for others to be inspired by.
  • Growing connections with and supporting Indigenous communities and Refugees.
  • Caring for those with mental health disabilities.
  • Support for LGBTIQ people and their families and raising community awareness.
  • Continuing to grow artistic and creative opportunities to explore meaning and nurture relationships with the wider community, young people and visitors.

Our Team

Our community is held together by a committed group of people that serve on the Church Council, responsible for the policy, direction and major decisions on behalf of the community.
Church Council is supported by three Ministry Teams who work with the ministers and staff to connect with the wider community.

Keeping Children Safe

The Queenscliff-Point Lonsdale Uniting Church is committed to providing safe places where people are cared for, nurtured and sustained. We have adopted the Keeping Children Safe Statement of Commitment. Through it, we commit ourselves to the care, protection and safety of all people, particularly those who are vulnerable. The Culture of Safety Contact Person is the primary point of contact for anyone concerned about issues relating to the safety of children. Our ‘Culture of Safety Contact Person’ is Jan Hodge: Email, Phone 5258 2854

An Inclusive Church

As an expression of our Core Values and Spirituality, we seek to nurture and live a Gospel Faith formed by the inclusive love of Jesus. Support for the LGBTIQ Community and their families and friends has been a long held core value of this community, leading us to be actively enagaged in the Equal Marriage Campaign in 2017. We hope you find us a welcoming and inclusive place no matter what your gender or sexuality.

Ministry Teams

Community Development

Facilitate and support activities, projects and programs

Provide vibrant, caring places where we can share the love of Christ in meaningful, fun and inclusive ways.


Raise awareness of injustices and needs and facilitate action in keeping with the Gospel message of hope.

Spiritual Care

The weaving of a spiritual dimension through all aspects of our Community’s life.