Food and Feast

Nithiya, Nithi and Kumar are locally-based Asylum Seekers
from Sri Lanka, with an uncertain future under Australia’s
repressive Refugee policies. Together they have established
“Queencliff Tamil Welcome Feasts” a Social Enterprise that offers a monthly Tamil meal in the Hall at Unitingqueenscliff, sharing their hospitality, gratitude,
culture and traditional Tamil food.

They are stepping up to cater for our Saturday Evening
International Dinner (just the main course!) which
we hope you will enjoy as part of your weekend registration.

“Breaking down barriers through food, the Tamil Feasts are an exciting experience of colourful, aromatic, spicy and sweet Sri Lankan Tamil food. Share in their stories, celebrate their culture and show them that we are a supportive and welcoming community. Tamil Welcome Feasts -a social food project that is more than just a meal!”

Our Saturday Evening meal, which is included in the price of your ticket, has always been a highlight of the festival, as we engage with local Refugee Communities through their food.