Prayerful and Pastoral Reflections

Our weekly letter to all our closer contacts.

Here is a recent ‘Prayerful and Pastoral Reflections’, with a poem or “quote of the week” from our emailed resource.

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Our Leadership Team and Church Council has been meeting regularly  to monitor pastoral  issues and keep the church safe through appropriate measures throughout the pandemic.  

Weekly Reflections

Dear Uniting Church Friends,

Welcome to this week’s Prayerful and Pastoral Reflections.

The Uniting Church is blessed to be in covenantal relationship with the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress. We know the Congress locally through Narana Creations in Grovedale.

At the request of the Congress, Uniting Churches around Australia, from 2018, have observed the National Day of Mourning, usually on the Sunday prior to Australia Day. The purpose is to remind ourselves of the stories of indigenous Australians as we prepare to celebrate our national day, thus keeping our celebrations in proper context.

This week, locally, we observed the occasion on Australia Day itself, which fell on a Wednesday.

Today’s prayers are from the Assembly resources for the day, as well as some other resources and clips. There is a link to a video conversation (see below) between Assembly President Sharon Hollis and UAICC Chair Rev. Mark Kickett. The questions for reflection invite you to reflect on some of the issues arising from this conversation.

Regardless of whether you agree with the idea of a National Day of Mourning, I invite you to check out the video link and spend time with the prayers- and enjoy a couple of beautiful Youtube Music links as well!

I hope your Australia Day/Survival Day was uplifting and relaxing.


We are a prayerful community,
and we invite you to find
a quiet moment to meditate
with these words and stories.

Love and Blessings to you all.

Charles and Kerrie.

Quote for the Week

We’re standing here on holy ground,
on land your hand has made;
Your art displayed in timeless rocks,
in purple haze and space;
Its mighty gums and feathery ferns
your beauty magnify.
Tread softly then, in awe reflect,
and listen to the land.

We’re standing here on holy ground,
on land which ancients trod.
They wrote your law in hills and streams
in rocks and caves and trees;
A law to tell us who we are,
to guide and make us strong.
Tread gently then, respect the earth,
remember whence we’ve come.

© J Brown. Ad. -Vs 1-2
Tune: I heard the voice…


Our land is alive
with the glory of God;
desert sands hum
and gum trees dance.

Brown grasses sing
and mountains
breathe their stillness.

All created things
add their rhythms of delight
and even stones
rap out their praise.

Let our voices mingle
with those of the earth;
may our hearts join
the beat of her joy,
for our God is with us:

the Source of all being
surrounds and upholds us.
Christ Jesus
walks beside and before us.
The Spirit moves
within and between us.

Blessed be God,
our wonder and delight.



Bäpa God,
source of all life,
answer our call,
as a mother responds
to the cry of a child
in the night.

Jesus Christ,
teacher and friend, Liberator,
stand beside us
as bearer of our humanity,
and sharer of God’s grace.

Creator Spirit,
giver of new life,
purposeful guest,
prod us to praise,
calling us to be a people
of hope and faith in Christ Jesus.   Amen.