Kirks Place

Many years ago, a weatherboard church occupied the site at Kirk Road. When the Uniting Church came into being in 1977, a decision to build a contemporary church on this site resulted in the building footprint we have today. The original church was shifted back on the site and became the hall, whilst the spacious and light-filled church was built at the front. For many years, a vibrant and active congregation gave life to these facilities with many church-based activities.

By the year 2010, the traditional church activities had diminished in size and in regularity, so in 2012 our Church Council took the step of repurposing the building for more community-based activities, as well as making it a home for a number of spiritual activities and expressions of church. In 2013, the Chapel Space became the Kirks Place Vintage Lounge, with mindfulness and meditation groups meeting, and vintage furniture and selected wares available for sale. Our Friday Lunches and Communion continued to meet, and the Feel Good- Sing group moved later from Queenscliff to gather at Kirks Place. Our own art groups have also been using the building, whilst yoga and other groups have been making use of the hall.

In 2017, the direction taken by the Church Council was boosted by the partnership formed with the Lighthouse Arts Collective, a group of local artists keen to find a space to develop as an Arts Centre. This enthusiastic group of artists brought new life to New Hall, with Concerts, Exhibitions, Community Meals, No Lights No Lycra and many other activities.

Now, in 2020, whilst under the restrictions of COVID-19, the partnership enters a new phase. Funded by grants from Creative Victoria and Queenscliff Music Festival, the LAC are developing a new Outdoor Arts and Community Space in the forecourt as well as art studios and a common worktable within the Chapel.

Kirks Place in Point Lonsdale is a community arts and spirituality centre that has an evolving palette of activities. 

Exciting developments mean there is a welcoming home for artists and diverse groups, and space for people to gather and work. Studios are available for short or long-term use.

The Studios and gathering spaces are now complete, ensuring that this vibrant space will be a place of welcome and hospitality.

The Good Shop his also open, with art and gathered items for sale.

Kirks Place is now open with the Good Shop, Artists Studios are in use, and the common table ready for you to use as a work space. 

The Chapel

A large open multi-purpose space for a variety of activities, including hospitality, artist studios, a common worktable and The Good Shop. Home to Friday Lunch and Communion, Feel Good-Sing, in Perspective art group, Painting Together Art Group, Mindful Moments and a meditation group.

The Good Shop

Curated Art and Gathered Items for sale.

Still in its infancy, we are open 3-4 days per week, with curated art available for purchase. Gathered items will be added to the display over time.

The Garden

The forecourt at Kirks Place, including the Memorial Garden, has undergone thorough revamp. New outdoor spaces have been created, allowing for a range of possible outdoor activities, including gatherings, community garden projects, markets and more.

Artist Studios

Three Artist Booths are now available for hire by artists. (One is now in use.) The larger of these booths will be available for use by an Artist in Residence from time to time. Please contact Jan for more information or to book your artist’s booth.

New Hall

The home of Lighthouse Arts Collective. Also the venue for Yoga Teachers Collective classes, No Lights No Lycra, and LAC events and activities.

Get Involved

See our Groups page for all of our activities across the Borough.