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Arts and Music - What’s happening?

We are delighted to work with many artists, musicians, theatre groups as well as partnering with local festivals and groups to bring a wide variety of artistic events to our community.

We acknowledge the links between spirituality and the arts, particularly in our indigenous musicians, and celebrate the depth that music and the arts bring to our experience of life. Our events reflect our love of community and our commitment to be a community of hospitality and welcome.


Sarah Carroll and Shannon Bourne

4pm Sunday February 26

Together Sarah Carroll and Shannon Bourne perform with a profound understanding of great song craft and virtuosic musicianship. Sarah’s songs chime with sincerity and come straight from her big, brave heart; Shannon Bourne is Australia’s foremost free-thinking guitarist.

SHANNON BOURNE: As long as I’ve known Sarah and seen her play in all of her bands, there is one thing that sticks in my mind: Sarah shines something so beautiful out into a room of people. When she’s feeling bright you can feel it, when she’s feeling mischievous, it’s delicious. When Sarah is feeling sad, you can feel it and empathise. What a power to have! I look forward to playing a special show with her and feeling all there is to feel.

SARAH CARROLL: Shannon plays with the skill of a lifetime drenched in sound; his music combines muscular dexterity with pin- drop finesse, and his courage, compassion and intelligence glow in every note. He will always belong in our family, as a dear friend, and a musical brother.

Tickets $36

includes Light Meal

Bar available


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Flipping Fun for a good cause!

Uniting Church, Queenscliff

6pm Wednesday 22 February
$16 for plentiful pancakes
Savoury and Sweet

Get behind Pancake Day and help Uniting support people living in crisis.

Ash Wednesday Service @ 7.15pm


Connecting through Music, Hospitality, the Arts...

The benefits of the concert and arts program are:

  • opens up this unique venue, with excellent acoustics and intimate atmosphere, for music and the arts.
  • develops relationships with and across the community.
  • supports local musicians and brings other artists to Queenscliff.
  • raises funds for local mission and community groups.
  • promotes spiritual enrichment through music and arts.
  • provides low-cost, local entertainment that is accessible and varied in style.


The Queenscliff Hall is a great space for art exhibitions. It has hosted the Sacrededge Exhibition, Rural Australians for Refugees installations, regularly hosts the QAL Arts group as well as various photographic and other exhibitions put on by local artists and groups. Art can also displayed in other spaces throughout our centres.